DR Alban in Ireland 2013

Promo video for Disco 90s Remix featuring Dr Alban performing in Ireland on April 19 in Savoy Night Club, Cork city and on April 20 in Turk’s Head, Temple Bar, Dublin. Event organiser: Party People


We had some fun in the Scott’s Bar with DJ Alex Black. Music, dance, blinking lights and lemons. Here we post a good Summary of that Funny and crazy night.

Hot Elektro Night

Happy 2008 to all of u!!! This is the kind of night that you want to remember all your life. We are young, we are happy and most of all we are PARTY KILLERS!! Lets have a look how we made the most of that unforgettable night (Or forgettable. Depends of how much do you drink).


We had a lot of fun with snow, smoke and lazers. It was a great night with positive crowd. Everyone enjoyed it:)