DJ Mad Luke


Mad Luke aka Lukasz Dominiak, also known as Loco or Beatoven, has his roots in Poland.
His adventure with music began at age of 8, when he got his first keyboard and attended private music lessons. During different school gatherings he played at college discos. Hi left his home town Sulechów in 2003, and sold his beloved keyboard. While studying hotel management he moved to Ireland. Missing music he bought a set of bongo drums in one of the local shops and played at evening blues sessions.

He became a professional DJ in 2006, when he met local Limerick DJs and fell in love with House music. Between 2006 and 2010 he was very busy organizing his own House nights.
Mad Luke spent the summer of 2007 at Killarney Granary Nightclub with his night called “Only house Beats”, La Manana a Ibiza party in Au Bars Limerick in 2009, and played local internet Radio Limerick. Whole 8 months Mad Luke was a resident of THe Bailey’s Late Bar. During that time he also ran his own company providing sound, lighting and event organization called LD Media Ireland. Organizing house nights around Irish clubs he learnt new skills.

Practicing and meeting many different personalities from DJ world in 2008 he met Alex Black aka Alex Chernenko and created few events together. 2010 was a year of many different situations like opening restaurant in Limerick by Luke and his wife, different gigs around the country for Alex. They got a chance to cooperate in between. Both played with many personalities from DJ world, such as DJ Neevald (resident of Sunrise Festival, RMI Radio, Ibiza Global Radio) and Kalwi and Remi (Polish well known DJ duo, known for the track called Imagination).

In 2014 Luke got an idea of creating permanent duo with Alex to enjoy club gigs together.