Technical rider

The organizer is obliged to provide professional high-quality sound and light equipment which should correspond to the applied specification:



Dynamic processing of sound (COMPRESSOR, LIMITER, DELAY)


1 radio microphone of any make


1 item Front line. Capacity should not be less than 100W

2 items are desirable


Pioneer CDJ-200, CDJ-400, MK3 1000

Mixer for decks:

4 channels. 1 item with an input for 1-2 microphones

The organizer guarantees full readiness and a setup of sound and light equipment 2 hours prior to the performance. Otherwise DJ has no responsibility for a possible delay of the performance; local sound technician should be present during performance (in a sober condition) to ensure correct functioning of sound and light equipment.

It is possible to let DJ bring own equipment:

Cable microphone, 1 item; Pioneer CDJ-400, 2 items; Pioneer DJM-800, 1 item, 4 channels, with an input for 2 microphones; Smoke Machine for large premises, 1 piece; Snow Machine for small premises, 1 piece; Laser, 1 item; Gobo lamp, 1 item; Speakers ProSound 80W, 2 items + Amplifier; Speakers Thomann 1kW, 2 items + Amplifier;



1.1. The organizer provides reception (journey, accommodation and a food) for DJ and his personnel, hereafter referred to as Collective.

1.2. For all questions, both technical and organizational, please contact the DJ directly at:

Tel: 00(353) 87-6154448



2.1. The organizer should provide a timely meeting of the Collective at a place of arrival (airport, station etc.). A competent representative of the Organizer should be present at a meeting. An intercity transport should provided or alternatives should be arranged.

2.2. All movement of the Collective in a performance city, including transfer, departure for an interview and departure from hotel on a stage also should be carried out by the Organizer.

2.3. Intercity transport should arrive beforehand, not less than 15 minutes before leaving, and in the case of loading the equipment and-or tools, 30 minutes before leaving.

2.4. Transport provided by the Organizer should correspond to general requirements of this rider: to be completely serviceable and clean.


3.1. The organizer, at his own expenses, should provide a proper accommodation for the Collective in a performance city (not less ***), warm hotel, desirable in the city centre and near to a performance stage, 1 double room. Number should be equipped by a bathroom (a toilet, a bath) with presence of hot water.

3.2. The hotel should be in advance reserved and paid by the Organizer, so that the Collective could check in straight after arrival in a performance city, and proceed from the hotel directly to a performance stage.

3.3. The breakfast in hotel should be paid the Organizer (it is included in room cost)

  1. FOOD:

4.1. The organizer undertakes to provide the Collective three meals a day, at own expense.

4.2. Food is served at the hotel restaurant in which the DJ stays, or at another restaurant which is no more than in 20 minutes of driving from the hotel.

4.3. The organizer, instead of catering services, can give the Collective money for the food.

4.4. In default of obligations on food provision, the Collective can book any restaurant at their choice and invoice the Organizer which must be paid before a performance, except for alcohol.


5.1. The organizer will provide security of the Collective throughout all the time of a performance. In the case if members of the Collective will feel, that there is a threat of their safety, they have the right to leave a scene without further actions and subsequent indemnification for the under-fulfilled or cancelled performance.


6.1. The admission of journalists to a stage and on a stage is forbidden. An interview must be discussed with the DJ in advance.

6.2. The photo and video shooting of a performance and the Collective should also be discussed with the DJ in advance.


This rider is only guidance to a general standard. It can be modified and updated. For every customer we can find and individual approach and waiver some of the requirements to meet expectations.


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